Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nothing Forever

Joshua 8.28
Joshua burned Ai to the ground. A "heap" of nothing forever, a "no-place" - go see for yourself.
when you defeat out enemies, when you fight our battles, when you enforce the victory you have won over anyone who goes against your plans, they surely will amount to nothing forever, a no-place, a heap of no threat. they will never come back to life, they will never come back to haunt us, they are surely done once and for all, and we can truly move on in you and go on obeying you and keep on following you and living the wonderful life you have so perfectly written for us. thank you that because of you we have nothing to fear from our past - our past actually becomes a shining example of just how great you are in redeeming our choices and not just making do with them but making the best happen out of them!

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