Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Joshua 6.9
The armed guard marched ahead of the trumpet-blowing priests; the rear guard was marching after the Chest, marching and blowing their trumpets.
you are the important one, lord. your presence is what matters, lord. wherever we go, whatever we do, it's your presence that we always keep right in front of us, your presence that we will always be conscious of, your favour that is always with us, the one thing we can never do without - you with us. thank you lord that we will never have to imagine a life without you. without you life, itself, wouldn't even be life at all, but with you we are truly above our circumstances, victorious and undefeated. thank you for your favour that is always with us because of what you did. praise you for always going before us, walking alongside us, and covering us all around. with you we are truly secure.

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