Friday, July 11, 2014

Humble Pie

Joshua 6.27
God was with Joshua. He became famous all over the land.
another great word that your presence is with us! this is how we become great, this is real humility - full dependence on you! this is the uplifting of the humble that you spoke of, fully depending on you and recognizing that whatever we do, whoever we are all came from you, and that truly apart from you we are nothing. true humility is not debasing ourselves and denying your giftings in false modesty, no; real humility is knowing full well that the source and continual supply of all we are able, all we are is you, no one else, nothing else. so with your presence we move in your giftings and take full joy in the fruitfulness that you overflowingly bless us with - in full gratitude. thank you for being with us, lord.

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