Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All Clear

Joshua 23.5
God, your God, will drive them out of your path until there's nothing left of them and you'll take over their land just as God, your God, promised you.
thank you lord for your promise of victory, your promise of triumph over anyone and anything that goes against your perfect plan and design. thank you lord that your goodness comes from your perfection, that when you pursue what is perfect for your purposes, the best and most perfect also happens for our good! thank you lord that all we need to do is keep obeying you, keep living your principles no matter what, keep loving, keep giving, keep going whatever our circumstance and situation, and it's your faithfulness that will most surely go before us and everything you have written for the whole world. thank you lord that we are always a part of your big picture, that whenever something is clouding our perspective in the now we can always look to you and see how beautiful whatever it is that your are working on in the grand scale.

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