Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Last Thing

Joshua 22.29
Rebelling against or turning our backs on God is the last thing on our minds right now.
oh God may we never entertain the idea of being apart from you, declaring independence from you, having nothing to do with you in life. lord you are like the air we breathe, we can't go a moment with you. you are the reason why we are alive, why we have life - there is no life apart from you, no such thing. life is being with you, existing in you and by you and for you. thank you lord that you are the one who graces us, you are the one who strengthens us to obey you, you are the one who works out our salvation, you are the one who works in us! thank you lord for loving us first so we can know how it is to love. thank you for being generous to us first so we, in turn, could be generous to all around us. thank you for everything lord.

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