Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Joshua 18.10
Joshua cast the lots for them at Shiloh in the presence of God.
we learn from this that whatever we do, we practice your presence. you are always with us, not just when we are singing songs in church or reciting a comfortable prayer - you are always with us with every beat of our hearts and every breath of our lungs. you never leave us alone, you are with us not only when we do things we think are religious or what, you are always with us no matter what, no matter where, no matter when. secular life and church life - no such dichotomy, the only life we have and know is with you, because that is life - being with you. so thank you for your presence, whether in business or vocation or the giftings you have deposited in us, or in relationships and everything else in between we will do them all with the greatest sense of your presence because you said so. we love you lord.

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