Sunday, September 07, 2014


Joshua 20.1
Then God spoke to Joshua
thank you lord that you always speak to us. you never run out of what we need right when we need it - your word. thank you that you have revealed yourself as you see generously fit for our lives and so much more. your word is something solid we can look to, the only sure thing we can stake our everything on, the one truth that we can build our foundation on. we always have your word to live on, to draw from at all times, in all situations, circumstances, highs, lows. your word is the world we live in and exist in and can freely move in, in love for you, following you. your word is more than enough voice for us to hear, knowing you more and how you work is far greater than any need we will ever have, any confusion or anxiety that we need peace for. we hang on to your every word, we desperately search for you all our days and you never set us up for anything but good. praise you lord!

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