Sunday, September 14, 2014

Go Home Rich

Joshua 22.8
Go home. You're going home rich - great herds of cattle, silver and gold, bronze and iron, huge piles of clothing. Share the wealth with your friends and families
oh what a blessed assurance, lord! our finances and provision are tied to you! not to this world, not to our position or stature or what not, not even to that talents, abilities, giftings and capacities you deposited with us - our finances and provision are simply because you are generous and you make our endeavours fruitful and multiplied the way you want them to! thank you lord that yes, you bless us with abundance in the natural, but more than that you fill us with generosity in the spiritual! your presence with us is more than enough for us to be rich - thank you lord because there's always more of you to go around and you never run out.

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