Sunday, November 02, 2014

God Still Does

Judges 2.16
But then God raised up judges who saved them from their plunderers.
amazing, lord, how you always set us up for success, how you make sure everyone who depends on you and trusts in you is fully covered with not details missed. thank you lord for your generosity, coupled with your full sovereignty that brings out good in everything even from the most evil plans. thank you lord that when we follow you, when we have you as our master, the one who calls the shots in our lives, we can be confident that your way will happen in and around us and even in things, circumstances and situations that we may not even be aware of. truly lord your burden is light, and we exchange our worries over life with it - we nurture and care for our heart in you and you bless us and make us fruitful to do what you want us to do and be a blessing to all around us.

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