Friday, November 21, 2014

Rise Up

Judges 5.7
Then you, Deborah, rose up; you got up, a mother in Israel.
thank you lord for a chance to rise up for you. thank you lord that no one is kept from being used by you - from the most highly-distinguished to the most ordinary and base in the world's eyes they all have the same grace and redemption only found in you that let's anyone who holds on to you and trusts you with their all become great trees of blessings that bear fruit for everyone around them to live on and be connected to you with! thank you lord that we all have a great future in you, a great capacity to be earth-useful and make a lasting impact beyond eternity to people all around us. thank you lord for these things that truly matter. for your call in our lives, for the heart of generosity that you have put in us.

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