Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Do

Judges 3.15
The People of Israel cried out to God and God raised up for them a savior
praise you lord because we can cry out to you. thank you lord that we can cry out to you, we can call to you at all times, anywhere, whatever we are going through. thank you lord that just as we can call out to you when we are in distress, we can also praise you when we are on the highest highs of our lives. thank you lord that you make it possible for us to run to you and just be with you in our peaks and troughs, in our mountains and valleys. praise you because whether we are in a storm or resting in quietness, real peace is always found in you, your presence that is always with us and will never leave us not forsake us. thank you lord that you are not hard to come by, because of what you did we can go directly to you and you can always be with us. thank you, thank you lord.

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