Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wiped Out

Judges 4.16
Sisera's entire fighting force was killed - not one man left.
nothing to haunt us back from our past, nothing to resurrect and try to regain the victory you have given us - previous struggles, past difficulties, overcome challenges - they are all put to absolute rest when you give the victory, lord. no remnant, no foot in the door, no strongman, no stronghold - where your presence is nothing but your plan prevails, where you are honoured nothing but what you want happens. in hearts that enthrone you above all else nothing but your will and provision comes. thank you lord for your goodness, thank you lord for your power, thank you lord for your victory, thank you lord for who you are, thank you for being the generous God that you are, ridiculously generous beyond measure and beyond anything we've ever seen or heard of.

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