Sunday, January 22, 2012


1 Peter 3.14
Don't give the opposition a second thought. Keep your heart at attention.
what an amazing word, exactly what we need when all the enemy does is bombard us with doubt. NO! DON'T GIVE THE OPPOSITION A SECOND THOUGHT! it's up to you NOT TO LET HIM fill your heart with doubt! the word goes on to say, "through thick and thin, KEEP YOUR HEARTS AT ATTENTION, in ADORATION before Christ, your Master." THAT's how we should be AT ALL TIMES - hearts at attention, mind alert against any thought not in line with WHAT GOD CALLED OVER US, always in PRAISE and ADORATION before the lord! amen amen amen! thank you God for we are yours, we are healed, we are flourishing, you are timely, you are all-powerful, we are secure in you, you are all we need, more than enough for us! praise you, lord!

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