Thursday, January 05, 2012

Don't Stop Believin

James 2.25
The seamless unity of believing and doing is what counts with God.
yes, lord! we will not stop BELIEVING, and we will keep LIVING WHAT WE BELIEVE! you said lord that we have peace in you, WE WILL LET PEACE RULE OUR HEARTS. you gave us PROVISION, why should we be anxious? you promised us JOY, STRENGTH, PROTECTION, so why will we FEAR? thank you for your TIMELY WORD, we always HAVE SOMETHING TO FEED OUR SOULS ON. thank you for GROWING OUR CAPACITY, we will DO THINGS IN THAT ABILITY! we will NOT STOP BELIEVING, NOT STOP DOING as we believe, we will keep on HOPING, we will HOLD ON, we will NOT GIVE UP, we will NOT STOP DOING GOOD, we will CONTINUE THE GOOD THINGS started in us, we will NOT STOP PRAYING, we will KEEP ON BELIEVING, we will KEEP ON DOING. circumstances and situations are a NON-ISSUE! the enemy's plans are a NON-ISSUE! THOSE THINGS DO NOT COUNT WITH YOU! only that we KEEP ON BELIEVING and keep on LIVING OUT WHAT WE BELIEVE!

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