Monday, January 30, 2012

Generous Truth

1 Peter 5.12
This is God's generous truth; embrace it with both arms!
amen amen! the word of God is GENEROUS, and it's the TRUTH! he sows generosity with his truth, that's why it happens and KEEPS HAPPENING in and around you! and he said you are healthy, you will flourish in your relationships, you are provided for, you need nothing other than him, he is most careful with you, you are stable and peaceful in the midst of the storm, he is in control even if it seems otherwise, THOSE WORDS ARE REALLY TRUE! EMBRACE the truth WITH BOTH ARMS - let it rule you, permeate your every moment, wholeheartedly, undoubtedly, strongly, securely, passionately, fully, faithfully, over and over again, never forget about it, EFFORTFULLY carve it into your CONSCIOUSNESS! thank you lord that we even have the chance to do this! amen!

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