Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Stick With It

James 1.22
Act on what you hear!

yes God, we will! we will not let your Word go in one ear and out the other, no! we will STICK WITH YOUR WORD! we will be your men and women of action, and as you promised we will FIND DELIGHT AND AFFIRMATION IN THE ACTION (v.24). thank you lord! for you have promised that we are blessed, our health is assured, our life is protected, our wisdom is guaranteed, our joy is infinite, our love is generous, our families are put together and no one can tear them apart, our needs are well-guarded and provided for, our help is instant and never runs out, our peace is all-encompassing, our hope is in you, our battle has been won, our task is to keep doing good! yes lord! we will ACT on these words and BE these words! we will THINK and BEHAVE so! we will NOT STOP DOING GOOD! we will keep BELIEVING and LIVING! amen amen!

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