Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hold On to the Truth

Revelation 2.25
Hold on to the truth you have.
yes lord we will keep on! we will hold on to your TRUTH! the truth that you have SET US FREE! the truth that WE CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO! we have your GRACE, we have your PROTECTION, we have your provision, health, safety, love, family - everything! and YOUR TRUTH TRIUMPHS ABOVE ALL! above our circumstances, above our situations, above what we don't have, and even above what we have! thank you lord - we WILL HOLD ON! we will keep on! we will keep at it, refusing to give up. we will not ignore your word, your truth, we will train ourselves to get better everyday to be very sensitive to your nudging, and to always be fully open and teachable to your truth! amen!

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