Monday, March 05, 2012

Our Responsibility

1 John 3.7
Don't let anyone divert you from the truth.
thank you lord for this responsibility of KEEPING YOUR TRUTH IN US! we will not let anyone, anything, any influence to CHANGE OUR MIND away from your truth! thank you father that you have given us your WORD - your word of healing, peace, protection, fruitfulness, provision, companionship, discipline, love, joy, hope - your SURE, TRUE, WORD! we will not listen to any distraction from the enemy, we will run away from these things! run for our lives, lord! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS WE CAN from any influence that is not yours! IF ONLY TO KEEP YOUR TRUTH RINGING IN OUR HEARTS! we will take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE TO YOUR SCRUTINY LORD! every desire, every ambition, every liaison, every relationship, every transaction, every decision, lord! thank you father, we will NOT LET anyone divert us from the truth!

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