Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Your Feet!

Jude 1.24
Our one God can keep you on your feet.
woohoo!! amen! thank you lord for shooting such adrenaline into our souls! for pumping up our hearts today! yes lord, YOU CAN KEEP US ON OUR FEET! you keep us STANDING TALL in your presence, you keep us FRESH and CELEBRATING! yes lord, WHATEVER THE CIRCUMSTANCE, whatever the SITUATION, whoever's WITH US, whoever's NOT WITH US - THOSE ARE ALL NON-ISSUES! because YOU KEEP US ON OUR FEET! we will NOT FALL, because YOU KEEP US UP! we will NOT FALTER, because YOU KEEP US GOING! thank you lord for your GRACE, for your HELP, for your PATIENCE, for YOUR EVERYTHING! yes lord! we will KEEP GOING!

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