Saturday, March 03, 2012

On It

1 John 2.28
Stay with Christ. Live deeply in Christ.
amen, lord thank you for the CONSTANT reminder for us to STAY WITH YOU, to KEEP GOING IN YOU, to LIVE DEEPLY IN YOU! thank you lord for teaching us to stay on course, to keep holding on to what you promised to us, to be consistent with our decision to choose you and put you on top of our priorities, and for us to CARRY ON and KEEP ON DOING what we do to CHOOSE YOU OVER EVERYTHING! yes lord, we will live deeply in you! from our smallest thoughts, words and actions, to the biggest decisions that we face every day, we will STAY WITH YOU and keep reminding ourselves of the GREATNESS that you have already done in our lives because of us choosing you and the TRUTH that YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE and EVERYTHING KEEPS COMING TO PLACE because of you. thank you lord!

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