Saturday, March 10, 2012

No Big!

1 John 5.3
When we keep God's commandments, they are not at all troublesome.
what an assurance! this is the TRUTH! that when we become christians, it's not bad luck! when we put our trust and faith in you, life is NOT WORSE! the TRUTH is when we anchor our whole LIFE on you, everything TRULY TURNS AROUND FOR THE BETTER! whatever the world throws at us that condemns our faith in you and presents us situations that seem WORSE than when we haven't met you yet are ALL DECEPTIONS! ALL LIES! the truth is when we SET YOU AS OUR MASTER, when you RULE our lives, when we OBEY YOU and KEEP YOUR COMMANDS, it's the BEST LIFE WE CAN EVER HAVE! the BEST LIFE! it truly is NEVER TROUBLESOME! thank you lord! we love you.

circumstances and situations may get more difficult, but THAT'S NOT THE YARDSTICK OF LIFE! it's MAKING IT THROUGH THE DIFFICULTY, that's the GRACE! and WE HAVE THAT! the TRUE THINGS THAT MATTER IN LIFE is not having it EASY ON EARTH! no, the whole point of life is BEING WITH GOD! here on earth AND IN HEAVEN! so once and for all, let's put that behind us, put those LIES and MENTALITY under God's TRUTH! because we truly have the BEST when we obey God. amen amen amen!

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