Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Real Deal

1 John 2.26-27
Those who are trying to deceive you are no match for no less than Christ's anointing embedded deeply within you.
amen! whatever tries to get into your mind and heart that runs counter God's word, they're NO MATCH for christ's anointing in you! you can face ANY opposition and WIN IN GOD, because God has already called you victorious, healed, fruitful, provided for, stable, secure, peaceful, joyful, loved, graced and abundantly living! let only God's WORD RULE IN YOU, because all others that go against what he says are only DECEPTIONS and THERE'S NOTHING TO THEM! whatever the WORLD says, whatever your hearts say, whatever everyone around you says that are all against God's word, they are NO MATCH for the life God has ANOINTED you for! amen and amen!

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