Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Praise Him, Praise Him!

Deuteronomy 32.43
Celebrate, nations, join the praise of his people. He avenges the deaths of his servants, Pays back his enemies with vengeance, and cleanses his land for his people.
we celebrate you lord! we join the praise of your people, we proclaim you as one together with the rest of your body - what joy we give you when we come together and celebrate you, God! what blessing you flow when you see your people together loving each you and other as you loved us first. thank you lord that vengeance is truly your, your perfect justice and grace and mercy and love is always dependable, will never go wrong, will never be unjust, will always be a real source of hope, an unwavering standard of truth and the foundation that we could build our lives on.

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