Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You've Been Palmed!

Deuteronomy 33.3
Oh, how you love the people, all his holy ones are palmed in your left hand.
thank you God for making us a part of your creation, for including us in your plan, for giving us so much more than what anyone deserves, for showing us what real love is, for letting us follow you and allowing us to call you our own. thank you for calling us your own. you never miss a heartbeat, never overlook a single need, a heavy sigh, a light thought. you are most concerned, most thoughtful, most generous, ever true and ever faithful. thank you God for truly never letting us go beyond what we could take. you know exactly what goes on in and around us, and you more than capable and willing to care. thank you for always intervening, for always being there, for always being one we could follow, for always leading us and doing good.

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