Thursday, April 17, 2014

When He Blesses

Deuteronomy 32.14
Curds of cattle and the milk of sheep, the choice cuts of lambs and goats, Fine Bashan rams, high-quality wheat, and the blood of grapes: you drank good wine!
truly God when you bless, the blessing overflows. you not only lead your people, your beloved, you give them more than what they need so they could be generous! abundant and overflowing to others just like you. "good" doesn't just describe you -- it's who you are! you are good, you always do good, all good things come from you, you always make good on your word, and your handiwork is not just good, it's very good! and this goodness is not according to our standard - you yourself are the one who said that what you created is good - according to your perspective, your infinite sight. thank you lord, for being you. thank you lord, for being good!

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