Friday, April 18, 2014


Deuteronomy 32.31
For their rock is nothing compared to our Rock; even our enemies say that.
oh lord who could ever compare with you? in love, in justice, in goodness, in wrath towards evil, in mercy and grace? even the enemy himself knows that you are the one only, the one undefeated by the enemy, by anyone for that matter. the enemy himself knows that none of his deeds, none of his work could ever be fruitful, could ever be successful - he himself knows that he could never win against you, no one could ever oppose you, no one could ever go against you and prosper, and be victorious, and flourish. no! no rock is higher than you, no power greater than you, and not just you or your people attest to you, but even your enemies. we have nothing, nothing to fear! great are you, lord! and greatly to be praised!

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