Saturday, May 24, 2014


Deuteronomy 33.29
Your enemies will come crawling on their bellies
thank you lord that when we obey you, when we call you our master and lord, when we trust you with our entire life in earth and beyond, not only do you pull us out of our circumstances and make the best of what we have, you give us more than the best and bring us higher and take us with you to your place of victory, we don't even have to do anything to our enemies - they'll just come crawling defeated - anyone who tries to go against your will, your plan, is doomed right from the start. anyone who tries to go against your way, against your hope, against your truth, against what you have written with your most perfect word, they are all rubbish, inconsequential, will not even bother us, will not keep us from being loved by you and loving you back and everyone around us. thank you lord!

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