Monday, May 26, 2014

Much Better

Deuteronomy 34.1
Moses climbed from the Plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, the peak of Pisgah facing Jericho. God showed him all the land
lord, truly your plans are most beautiful. even in your discipline, we still would not have things any other way. you truly know how to work our hearts, you truly know how to bring out the best in us and to keep bringing it out. most of all, though, you never run out of grace. here you showed Moses all the land, all your promises, all that his descendants and everyone he loved will enjoy because of you, all the things in this world, that is - but you had so much more in store for him, you had so many more beautiful things planned for him - the best, in fact, and that is your eternal presence, being with him, him being with you - forever. nothing ever has or ever will compare with that. you are amazing, God!

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