Monday, May 12, 2014

True Religion

Deuteronomy 33.19
They'll invite people to the Mountain and offer sacrifices of right worship, For they will have hauled riches in from the sea and gleaned treasures from the beaches.
this is amazing, God! how you richly and deeply provide for everything! you give us talents and gifts - seeds that you plant in us and flourish and make us fruitful with, so we could be who we love to be, how you created us to be, and at the same time bless everyone around us with all you have given us! what a wonderful design, just by living your plan out for us and staying true to ourselves, the self that you have so wonderfully created and authored generously, we get to bring people to you and get to participate in your eternal plan of love. you are truly worth all our minds and hearts, all praise, worship, respect to you lord!

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