Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Deuteronomy 33.29
A people saved by God!
we have it good because of this one reason - because you saved us. because you saw it good to recreate and restart your perfect plan for us, your beautiful, hopeful plan for us, you chose to redeem us and bring us back from the inevitable. the depth of your love, the totality if who you are, the purity of your thoughts, the perfection of your intentions, the fullness of your actions all came together and carried out the greatest thing in the whole universe and beyond, the greatest act of love that no one would ever fully understand even the angels are in awe of how you love! we are in awe of how you love! and nothing but gratitude flows from our hearts, thank you, God. thank you for loving us first, so we could love you back and all around us.

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