Saturday, May 10, 2014


Deuteronomy 33.17
In splendor he's like a firstborn bull, his horns the horns of a wild ox; He'll gore the nations with those horns, push them all to the ends of the Earth. Ephraim by the ten thousands will do this, Manasseh by the thousands will do this.
thank you lord that with you we don't have our heads in the clouds, you are practical and you go right down to where we are and you bring us back to you, you fight our battles for and with us, and you pass on your victory, the victory that you have eternally won, to every single thing that we go through! we know the end from the beginning, and what a perfect end it is - with you! we have joy, we have pure joy, true, real joy, no matter what our past may be, no matter what we are presently going through, and no matter what the future may bring, not just us, but our generations with us as well!

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