Monday, May 19, 2014


Deuteronomy 33.28
Israel lived securely, the fountain of Jacob undisturbed In grain and wine country and, oh yes, his heavens drip dew.
almighty God of love, you truly pierce our hearts at the very core with exactly what we need to hear at the exact moment we need to hear it. thank you lord that whatever may be going on in and around us, whatever the storms that we are facing right now, or whatever joys we are celebrating, we live securely only in and because of you. you are undisturbed. everyone who trusts in you is undisturbed. your provision is undisturbed. your flow of fruitfulness is undisturbed. you continually flow grain and wine, yoru heavens forever drip dew - dew that gives life to all it touches, dew that multiplies hope and joy and faith in the spiritual and in the natural. your mercy and your grace truly abound, are truly endless, never wanting or lacking anything else.

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