Monday, December 15, 2014

Came Over

Judges 6.34
God's Spirit came over Gideon.
how we need you, holy spirit. how we need you in our lives, in everything, in every season, in every place. thank you God for sending your spirit and for living with us, never to leave us, never to let us go, never to abandon us. thank you, spirit, that because of you we have a real connection - you are our real connection - that could never be severed and is the one and only way we are fully empowered to follow you, give you our everything, and give your grace back to all around us. how you plan ahead, how perfectly you work, and how faithfully you carry everything out 'til the end. praise you, thank you, we love you, lord. forever we will stay grateful and fired up to keep going from glory to glory, strength to strength with you.

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