Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Who's the Tough One Now?

Judges 5.21
The torrent Kishon swept them away, the torrent attacked them, the torrent Kishon. Oh, you'll stomp on the necks of the strong!
lord nothing is too strong for you, no one is too tough for you - no one who has gone against you ever won, still no one could, and no one ever will! we may seem weak in this world, but in our weakness we get to see your strength! in your power we get to be strong ourselves, in full dependence on you we get to stomp on the necks of the strong - powers and principalities that go against your will for us, your perfect will for us. thank you lord for such security, such confidence, such hope, such grace, such truth founded in you - real strength from within. fortitude in the midst of a storm, you are a true fortress that is untouchable on all sides!

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