Saturday, December 06, 2014

Step Aside

Judges 6.9
I rescued you from Egypt's brutality and then from every oppressor; I pushed them out of your way and gave you their land.
praise you lord for for your work! oh all your works are wondrous, great and amazing! unimaginable, has to be seen with the eyes of our hearts for us to understand and actually know what you are capable of! thank you for your spirit who does just that - makes us recognize what you do and it's grand extent! thank you lord that you don't just fight for us, you completely defeat our enemies and push them out of our way! thank you lord that every spiritual power, every principality stands no chance against you! they are rendered powerless, useless, a non-issue and just plain losers. thank you lord, our struggles make us grow beautifully, our good times let us rest in your favour. how you work, lord. how you work!

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