Thursday, December 04, 2014

Truly Victorious

Judges 5.27
He slumped at her feet. He fell. He sprawled. He slumped at her feet. He fell. Slumped. Fallen. Dead.
you are life, lord, and anything or anyone apart from you dies. anyone who does not depend on you will never be successful in anything; all things that break away from you will never be blessed, and this is exactly what happens to our enemy, the one who tries to steal our destiny from you - he will never succeed, the work of his hands will never bear fruit, his plans will never prosper, his attacks are good as nothing, and he can never hurt, harm, not even lay finger on those who follow you and have you as their master. with you everyone is victorious, truly victorious in life where it matters, and truly a blessing, a life-giving full-on blessing of grace.

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