Friday, December 05, 2014


Judges 5.31
Thus may all God's lovers be like the unclouded sun.
thank you lord for how you work! thank you lord for loving us first, for showing us how it is to love, for doing in us what has never been seen before, so we could love you back, for opening our eyes and increasing our capacity to love you and follow you and obey you and have you as our master! thank you lord for giving us love to love you and others with, for us to shine your goodness and your kindness to everyone around us, to shine your light like an unclouded sun, nothing hindering us, nothing keeping us from being a blessing, whatever the circumstance or situation we may be in, whatever storm our boats may be weathering, your love is what matters, it's your love that lets us keep shining, keep blessing, keep loving on you and others.

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