Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Go in This Strength

Judges 6.14
But God faced him directly: "Go in this strength that is yours. Save Israel from Midian. Haven't I just sent you?"
oh wow lord, what great and encouraging truth! thank you that we can go in the strength that is ours, in the strength that you have given us so that we can obey, so that we can answer your call and go where you send us! thank you lord that when we obey you we could count on your strength that will keep us going no matter what! we never have to give up, we will always have hope and we will never be stuck following you. praise you God for always keeping our hearts in check and our minds in the right perspective so nothing could weigh us down and keep us from going confidently in full dependence on you to live life and be the blessing you have always wanted us to be!

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