Thursday, March 13, 2014


Deuteronomy 29.12
ready to cross over into the solemnly sworn Covenant that God, your God, is making with you today
thank you lord that in every moment of our lives you always have a promise for us, exactly what we need right where and when we need it most. your promises are never broken because your covenant has been perfectly fulfilled once and for all by jesus and we get to partake of this perfect fulfillment because of what he did for us! thank you lord, that we always have a ready word, a timely lifeline, an unfailing heartstring, an ever-present well of hope in what you say and what you do. we are always ready to cross over, to take your promise and hang our entire lives on it, always ready to spring forward and apply what you say and let it permeate into our minds and hearts right down to our lives and everyone around us. what grand design lord!

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