Saturday, March 08, 2014

Pop Eye!

Deuteronomy 29.2-3
You've seen with your own eyes everything that God did in Egypt to Pharaoh and his servants, and to the land itself - the massive trials to which you were eyewitnesses, the great signs and miracle-wonders.
oh God you never needed to prove yourself, yet everything we've ever gone through is always a great and shining testimony of your sovereignty, your goodness, your truth and power, your steadfast faithfulness, your blessed wisdom, your perfect plans, your best-laid precepts, your word that always always does it's sure deed, and all these - they are more than enough adrenaline for our souls! we have more than enough to share with everyone around us, to encourage them to keep going as we keep going ourselves, to know that nothing changes your faithfulness, nothing destroys your plan, and you are always the God that you have been since the beginning of time and before.

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