Saturday, March 22, 2014

Get It? Good.

Deuteronomy 30.12
It's not on a high mountain - you don't have to get mountaineers to climb the peak and bring it down to your level and explain it before you can live it.
you are amazing, God! your word, your ways, your truth, your commands, your will - there's nothing mystical about them at all! you've made all of them plain and simple and they come withe your grace for us to understand, put to action and live it out! thank you lord that you, in your infinite wisdom and sovereignty, in your greatness and goodness, have not kept yourself from us, you have not kept your heart from us - we could freely seek you and you made yourself easily found! no hiding behind cloaks of mystery or grandiose words - just pure, simple, love. thank you, God!

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