Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wisdom Detailer

Deuteronomy 29.9
Diligently keep the words of this Covenant. Do what they say so that you will live well and wisely in every detail.
amen, lord, amen! the wisdom that the world truly longs for and seeks deep in its heart is found only in you - found only in the grace that you so abundantly and freely give for us to follow and bless you with our devotion and dedication. our one true God of love, of truth, of justice, mercy and compassion - we would be more than honoured and privileged to follow you! thank you God for looking at our devotion not our perfection, for setting our direction and desiring a blessed path for us that you have made possible with a life with you - real and true external life! thank you for loving us first so we could love you back and overflow with this love to everyone around us, the kind of love that is compassionate yet wise, all-giving and never runs out, the kind of love that recharges even as we recharge others. forever grateful. lord.

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