Friday, March 07, 2014

This Name

Deuteronomy 28.58
diligently keep all the words of this Revelation written in this book, living in holy awe before This Name glorious and terrible, God, your God
God there is no like you. there is no one above you, no one who could ever surpass you just as how everything and everyone always has been. you are the one whose name well precedes you, whose identity lets you become well-known throughout this universe and beyond, throughout this realm and beyond, your reputation and your fame is glorious and just and loving and right. circumstances and situations never got in your way and they never will, all that proceeds from you is goodness, goodness, goodness. thank you for the grace that lets us obey you right in our hearts, grace that will never run out, grace that overflows. praise you, thank you, bless you and your name.

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