Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still Standing. Strong.

Deuteronomy 29.10
You are all standing here today in the Presence of God, your God
yes God! that's exactly what we are in your presence - still standing! this is how we always will be in your presence, in your presence, in your stance of goodness, of generosity, always freely opening up your covenant right before us in an eternal display of love, justice, mercy, compassion and grace - what good God you are! we will always be standing, always victorious, always with hope, always having one more step to go further, to go up and not down, to keep keeping on in the wonderful destiny you have written for us, always from glory to glory, higher and higher on eagle's wings, always undefeated in you, always hopeful and never in vain despair, we always have a tomorrow to look forward to and a today to live out with you. thank you, thank you lord!

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