Sunday, March 09, 2014


Deuteronomy 29.5-6
I took you through the wilderness for forty years and through all that time the clothes on your backs didn't wear out, the sandals on your feet didn't wear out, and you lived well without bread and wine and beer, proving to you that I am in fact God, your God.
amen, lord, amen! whatever trial and tribulation we may have gone through, whatever difficulty, whatever destruction and circumstance and situation, whether out of our own doing or as a result of something beyond us - we have come through unscathed, well-provided for, especially where it matters the most - in our inner man! thank you lord that we are truly untouched, not a single piece of clothing or footwear wore out in all this, not a single hair singed, burned or harmed, not a single disappointment debilitated us, not a single failure left unable to stand back up and return ever so stronger! all because of you, our God, our one and only true God. praise, praise, praise.

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