Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There For A Reason

Deuteronomy 33.21
He took his place at the head, carried out God's right ways and his rules for life in Israel.
this is one big reason why we get to be where we are in life right now, lord. one of your best designs why you gave us a place of influence, you planted us in strategic positions throughout your creation - and that us to carry out your ways, your right ways, your rules for life, lord. your word and your truth are not for the far-removed circumstances and up-in-the-clouds situations detached from our daily lives, no - your ways are for our very specific and practical daily living in and with you, relevant in the world you have placed us in, to show how you love us and how we get to love each other and more importantly how we could let everyone around us feel your love through us and be loved and be blessed, themselves because of you.

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