Friday, October 24, 2014

Band of Brothers

Judges 1.3
The men of Judah said to those of their brother Simeon, "Go up with us to our territory and we'll fight the Canaanites. Then we'll go with you to your territory." And Simeon went with them.
another thing that showcases your grand sovereignty and awesome amazingness is your design of family - you never left us for dead, alone and trying to make it out on our own in this world, no - you planted us in families, from our own physical families to your spiritual band of people. thank you for creating each and every one of us gifted uniquely so we get to help each other out, so that we have something to offer to you and one another, and more importantly we will have someone to turn to by you for the things that we are not endowed with. you hard-wired us for compassion, for kindness and generosity, that we get to do all this in the realm of family, of unconditional love and truth that stems from you and spreads all over us. thank you and praise you lord!

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