Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Ended Up Blessing You

Joshua 24.10
But I wouldn't listen to Balaam - he ended up blessing you over and over! I saved you from him.
oh how you intervene, lord! even calls to you against your will and what your plans are will go unfruitful. even curses have no more sting against those who follow you because your blessing and presence goes before all things and trumps all else. thank you lord that what you call blessed is blessed, you even turn curses called out against us to become fruitful and overflowing blessings! thank you lord and praise you for your goodness, for your sovereignty, for your might and power and love and foresight. thank you for your vision and your provision that go hand in hand to carry out your best laid plans. we truly have nothing to fear and everything to believe you for. we love you lord.

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