Friday, October 10, 2014

Way Ahead Of You

Joshua 24.12
"I sent the Hornet ahead of you. It drove out the two Amorite kings - did your work for you. You didn't have to do a thing, not so much as raise a finger.
you always go ahead of us lord. no matter how new and uncertain something is, when it is part of your plan it will never be half-baked - it will always be well prepared-for, well-conceived and thought of, setup for success in you and never setup for failure! thank you lord that truly in everything you are the one who does all the work! you are the one who works in us, you are the one who makes our hands fruitful and blesses whatever we put our hands to in work according to your plan. we truly owe everything to you right down to our every breath. thank you, praise you, we trust you, we love you. truly without you we are nothing, but with you we have all things and more. so much more to be generous with all around us.

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