Tuesday, October 07, 2014

I Fought For You

Joshua 24.8
I fought for you and you took their land. I destroyed them for you.
what a mighty God you are! what sovereign and considerate and loving, powerful God you are! there is no one word good enough to capture who you are and what you do. thank you for fighting for us I. absolutely everything and anything that concerns your grand plan. thank you for giving us a chance to latch on to your plan by following you and loving you and calling you our master and the one who calls the shots in our life. thank you lord for standing up to anyone who tries to go against your great and perfect plan for us, plan for hope and goodness and surety in you. because of you of we are secure, because of you we are victorious, because of you we can dream and rest and build and move and overflow to others around us.

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